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Dire Needs by Stephanie Tyler

Dire Needs

by Stephanie Tyler

Book Review by Lisa Annesley

Dire Needs by Stephanie Tyler

Dire Needs (Eternal Wolf Clan #1)
by Stephanie Tyler

Release Date: March 6, 2012
Publisher: Signet
Length: 400 pages


4♥s Very Good/Recommended

The Eternal Wolf Clan Series is about six Dire Wolves, immortal wolf shifters who are the last of their kind. (Or are they?) The Dire Wolves are Rifter, Vice, Stray, twins Jinx & Rogue, and Harm. Each Dire Wolf has his own special ability, although in Stray's case his ability isn't known. Dire Wolves are tasked with protecting Werewolves (Weres) from human Weretrappers, and protecting humans from all wolf shifters. To complicate things, Weretrappers are aided by witches.

Got it? Hang on, we're just getting started!

Rifter is the de facto King of the Dire Wolves. Posing as a biker at this time in his life, he is looking for a woman when he walks into a bar that caters to Weres and humans. He is inexplicably drawn to Gwen, a human sitting at the bar. Gwen has had seizures her entire life and they are killing her. (I'll rant about that later.) She's there to get ... lucky. She is unusually attracted to Rifter, and they end up at her house. Before they can get to the hanky-panky, she has a seizure. 

Before long, Gwen is caught up in the world of Dire Wolves, Weres, Weretrappers, and witches when an attempt is made on her life. She learns, for the first time, who her father is and what she is. She discovers the truth behind her "seizures," but she still might die within a month.

And all the while, she and Rifter are falling in love and beginning the Dire mating ritual. It's too bad the rest of the Dire Wolves want her dead. Rifter and Gwen's happiness might not survive--literally.


Dires and Weres and trappers and outlaws and witches--oh my! And then there is the extensive cast of characters that includes Gwen, the six Dires, the Dires' protégés Cyd and Cain, the young Were king Liam and his mate Max, outlaw Teague, master witch Seb, trapper Mars, and more. And let's not forget the gods and the Dire Elders. Whew! The world-building in this book is massive and, at times, a bit confusing. Sometimes it takes over the story.

The story itself is dark, action-packed, bloody, and suspenseful. When Tyler wasn't world-building, the book kept me turning the pages (so to speak--I read on a Kindle). I liked Rifter as the reluctant alpha among alphas who did what needed to be done. I was glad to see Gwen step up to the plate a number of times. In fact, there wasn't a character I didn't like. Tyler's Web site bills the series as a trilogy, but I hope that her contract is extended so that each Dire gets his own book. I'd love to read Liam's story, too.

And now for my rant about Gwen only having a month to live because the seizures were killing her. Doesn't work that way, folks. Seizures themselves are only fatal in the case of accidents and in a few very rare cases. Please see How Serious Are Seizures? for more information. Also, please be aware that people with uncontrolled generalized ("grand mal") seizures may not drive, like Gwen does in Dire Needs. Been there, not done that. For more information on epilepsy in general, please visit the Epilepsy Foundation. And before you say, "But Lisa, she wasn't really having seizures," what counts is that she thought she was having seizures until she found out the truth. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now.

Bottom line, I think that Dire Needs is a good start to a series that I want to continue reading.

If you missed it, there was also a prequel to the series, Dire Warnings.

Have you read Dire Warning or Dire Needs? What did you think? If you haven't read them, are you interested?

Happy Reading!

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