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Obsidian Flame by Caris Roane

Obsidian Flame
by Caris Roane
Book Review by Lisa Annesley

Obsidian Flame by Caris Roane

Obsidian Flame (The World of Ascension #5)

by Caris Roane

Release Date: April 24, 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Length: 512 pages


4.0♥s Very Good/Recommended

A little bit of background first, if you're new to the World of Ascension series. The series revolves around a group of elite warriors, the Warriors of the Blood, who are vampires. With wings. Yep, that's right. Stay with me, now--they're pretty cool. They keep Mortal Earth safe from death vampires. Mortal Earth, you ask? You see, there are dimensional worlds, and the Warriors of the Blood have ascended to Second Earth. There is a nasty war going on for both Mortal Earth and Second Earth, and the Warriors of the Blood are on the front lines. Recently, the Warriors have been finding their mythical brehs, or soul mates. These brehs have powers of their own, and are completing the warriors and joining forces with them.

Got all that?

And now for Obsidian Flame.

Marguerite is a seer who was locked up in a convent for one hundred years. Thorne, the leader of the Warriors of the Blood, was her secret lover for all that time. When she was freed in the last book, Born of Ashes, she wanted nothing more than her freedom and she fled to Mortal Earth to live large. When Obsidian Flame opens, she's picking up a man in a bar even though she knows that Thorne is her breh. Thorne has taken a leave of absence from the Warriors of the Blood to guard her, and is forced to watch.

Soon Marguerite has a vision and they both end up in a secret seer enclave on Mortal Earth that is under attack by death vampires. Eventually their paths lead back to Second Earth and the war against the villain in the series, Commander Greaves.


I had been looking forward to Thorne's story since the first book, Ascension. What a tortured hero he'd been in every book! I couldn't wait for him to be happy! So, when Marguerite virtually cheated on him in the beginning of Obsidian Flame I didn't think I could forgive her. I'm still not sure I've forgiven her. Frankly, I got tired of her whining about wanting to sleep with lots of men. My Thorne deserved better than that. Hmph!

Anyway, Thorne had a tremendous amount of patience with her for some reason. He didn't disappoint as a sexy, strong hero with a tender side. He went through an amazing transformation in this book, one that changes the course of his life and of the entire series. He makes the entire book worth reading. 

As usual in the Ascension series, Roane introduces upcoming story lines. In Obsidian Flame Thorne's sister, Grace, meets two men who are apparently her brehs. If Gates of Rapture is their book, it should make for some interesting reading.

If you haven't read them, the previous books in The World of Ascension are listed below. Have you read the series? What did you think? Have you read Obsidian Flame? What rating would you give it?

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