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Tempted By Blood by Laurie London

Tempted by Blood

by Laurie London

Book Review by Lisa Annesley

tempted by blood

Tempted by Blood (Sweetblood #3)

by Laurie London

Release Date: Feb. 21, 2012
Publisher: HQN Books
Length: Novel


4.5♥s Excellent/Highly Recommended

Guardians are enforcer vampires, sworn to protect humanity against Darkbloods. Darkbloods kill their prey and deal in "sweet." Sweet is the blood of special humans and is like a drug.

Jackson Foss, a Guardian, is known as a playboy. What his colleagues don't know is that he gets extra blood and energy from the women he seduces because he's in danger of reverting to a Darkblood, which is punishable by death. One night he's fooling around and barely makes it to one of his charges, Krystal, in time to save her from Darkbloods. Krystal's cousin, Arianna Wells, is a paranormal blogger and captures the whole thing on her cell phone. Jackson wipes their memories, takes Arianna's phone, and that is that. He thinks.

Arianna's memories return and she posts the story and photos of vampires on her blog. Jackson is in trouble with the Guardians. He must wipe her memory for good, or she must die. But who will keep Krystal safe if Arianna can't remember to do so?

Soon, not only is Krystal a target of Darkbloods, but Arianna is in danger herself. Jackson is falling for her, and yet he seems to be reverting more quickly. None of them seem to have any kind of future.


I loved bad boy Jackson, with his colorful hair and his piercing in a very bad boy place. More than that, I loved the fact that he wanted to be normal for Arianna. He didn't want to be the persona that he projected to the world. He wanted to be himself around her. Jackson had the greater character arc in this book, and was a true hero.

Arianna was an every-day kind of heroine, and by that I mean she could have been you or me. She was an ordinary young woman (but with an extraordinary past) put into difficult circumstances who rose to the occasion. She fought for her cousin, for her blog, for sweetbloods, and for Jackson. She was admirable and selfless.

The plot was full of danger and suspense, and kept me reading. Before I go, I just have to say that I loved the HEA!

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Have you read the Sweetblood series? What did you think?

Happy reading!

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