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Darkness Bound by Stella Cameron

Darkness Bound (Chimney Rock #1)
by Stella Cameron

Darkness Bound by Stella Cameron
Darkness Bound (Chimney Rock #1)
by Stella Cameron

Release Date: February 28, 2012
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing/Forever
Length: 346 pages


Genre: Paranormal Romance
4.5s Excellent/Highly Recommended

Dark and Mysterious Paranormal Romance
Review by Lisa Annesley

If you love your paranormal romance dark and mysterious, then Darkness Bound was written for you.

Leigh Kelly returns to Whidbey Island, Washington, to make a new life for herself after her husband's death. Waiting for her is a stranger, Niles Latimer. Niles is a werehound and the alpha of his pack. Niles believes that Leigh is his mate and the hope for the future of the pack as all the werehound females have died.

As if that weren't enough, the werewolves of Whidbey Island are trying to exterminate the werehounds and subject humanity. Leigh ends up in danger because there is more to her than Niles and Leigh ever suspected. Drawn by Leigh's true identity, a whole host of paranormal creatures come to play and take sides.

Will Leigh be the savior of the pack ... and Niles?

Darkness Bound first drew me in with its spooky, mysterious, magical atmosphere that held me in thrall until the end of the book. Although occasionally lightened with some comic relief from a character or animal, the dark tone reminded me of a Gothic romance.

Leigh was a heroine who knew her own mind and didn't let others dictate to her. When she found out the paranormal world existed and she had a place in it, she handled the revelation true to her nature.

Niles was a mysterious, strong, sexy hero. Did I mention mysterious? It's worth mentioning again. Cameron did a great job of doling out teasing bits of information that kept you reading to learn more.

Darkness Bound was full of danger, magic, and paranormal creatures of all kinds, and a love story with the fate of an entire race riding upon it. Although the ending was satisfying and the book didn't end in a cliffhanger, not all loose ends were tied up with a bow. I assume that those loose ends will be addressed in future books.

The next book is Darkness Bred. It's about Sean Black, Niles's second-in-command. I look forward to it, and you will too once you've read Darkness Bound.

Happy Reading!

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