Friday, May 25, 2012

Review of Enemy Mine by Aline Hunter

Enemy Mine
Alpha and Omega #2
by Aline Hunter

Release Date: April 20, 2012
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Length: 245 pages (estimated)

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Genre: Paranormal Romance/Shifter
4.0♥s Very Good/Recommended
Erotic Romance

Deadly Enemies

Do you like erotic paranormal romance? If so, look no further than the Alpha and Omega series and book two, Enemy Mine. Besides the scorching hanky-panky, it's got plenty of excitement and danger.

Emory is an alpha wolf shifter who is on edge, anxious to claim his mate. In book one, Omega Mine, Emory met Mary, whom he believed to be his mate. But Mary was raised by the enemy. She was raised by the Shepherds, hunters of shifters. Although Mary isn't a hunter, the last time Emory saw Mary she was afraid of him because she discovered he was a shifter. As Enemy Mine opens, Emory has gone to the Shepherd compound to free Mary from her abusive family. He finds that Mary has run away. And her family is on her trail, to murder her. 

Can Emory find Mary, keep her safe from her family, and convince her to bloodbond with him? Can a shifter and a Shepherd have a future together?
 Emory is everything you want in a hero. As Mary describes him:
"He was so strong and dangerous. … Yet when it came to her he was incredibly gentle, so careful. From the first time they'd met, she'd instinctually known he would keep her safe."
Oh, and he's great in bed. That's where the scorching hanky-panky comes in.

 Mary is a kind, compassionate young woman who finds the strength to stand up to her family. She fights her fears to get what she wants. And she wants Emory.

The plot is full of deadly peril. The book can be downright grim at times, and the danger will keep you turning the pages.

Readers of Omega Mine will be happy to see that Diskant and Ava play a role in Enemy Mine. Trey, Emory's brother, also plays a major role. His future story is set up, along with Nathan's and Cade's.

There was a surprising development at the end of this book. And the story didn't exactly end on a cliffhanger, but it looks like we're not quite finished with Emory and Mary.

If you like erotic paranormal romance, I recommend the Alpha and Omega series. Although Enemy Mine can be read as a standalone book, you'll enjoy it more if you read Omega Mine first.

Happy Reading!

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