Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review of Hunted by Rebecca Zanetti

(Dark Protectors #3)
by Rebecca Zanetti

Release Date: April 24, 2012
Publisher: Kensington Books
Length: 353 pages

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Genre: Paranormal Romance/Vampire, Witch
4.0♥s Very Good/Recommended

Her Time Is Up

One hundred years ago, vampire and Prince of the Realm Conn Kayrs tumbled in the moonlight with witch Moira Dunne and ended up inadvertently mating with her. Since she was a young witch and the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, Conn gave Moira a century to come into her unique powers. Now he's done waiting. Her one hundred years are up and he's ready to claim his mate. But independent, headstrong Moira doesn't want to be claimed.

The Realm is on the brink of war with demons and the evil Kurjan vampires. The Council of Nine witches is wavering as an ally. Someone is literally snatching Council witches out of thin air, and an attempt is made to snatch Moira. To make matters worse, Moira is in danger of becoming a political pawn between the Realm and the Council.

Can Conn convince Moira that he wants her for who she is, and not for what she is? Can he keep her safe, when their enemy is unknown? Can they overcome one hundred years of separation and find happiness together?
As the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, Moira is a powerful witch. She is also an impressive fighter (I won't spoil the explanation), and the combination makes her a kick-butt heroine. Conn calls her both dailtín (Brat) and céadsearc (sweetheart), which pretty much sums up the dual nature of her temperament. She's both stubborn and sensitive. On the one hand, she's a fighter. On the other hand, she's afraid. She's afraid that since Conn didn't want to claim her one hundred years ago, he only wants her now because of Realm politics.

Conn is the deadliest soldier in the Realm. He's a sexy, commanding, alpha male. And yet he also has a vulnerable side. As Moira describes him, he's "Kindness and understanding in such a deadly package." He's self-sacrificing when it comes to keeping his mate safe. Literally. You'll see.

The conflict between Conn and Moira and the danger to them both keep you turning the pages. The mystery of who is snatching witches keeps you wondering until almost the end.

 For fans of the Dark Protectors series, we see Dage, Talen, Jase and Kane in action. Gotta love those vampire brothers! Cara plays a major role. There's a parallel story involving the Kurjan teen Kalin. Janie and Zane's story is woven throughout. I can't wait to find out who and what Zane really is. What do you think Zane is? He's a vampire, but I think he's something more …

I'm looking forward to Katie and Jordan's story, Consumed, which is coming out in July, 2012. Kane's story, Provoked, comes out in November, 2012. We're got some good reading ahead of us.

Happy reading!

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  1. Thanks for the great review! And you're right, Zane is something more... :)

    1. Thanks for the comment! What a teaser about Zane!

  2. Looks like a book I'm going to add to my list of books to read. Thanks for the review. <3

  3. I loved this book! Conn Kayrs mated Moira Dunne a century ago, but she needed time to train as pretty much the most powerful witch around. Well, the vampires go to war, and the 100 years is up. So Conn heads over to Ireland to fetch his mate--and she's not quite ready. So the sparks fly (literally).

    The vampires in this series are definitely Alpha males, and Conn is no exception. He's pretty much a take charge type of guy. But Moira's not your average witch - she's tough. So the sweet side of their relationship was a surprise that made me melt. They make such an awesome match! And Conn's willing to give up his life to save her in such a way that I just fell in love with the guy.