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Review of WICKED ROAD TO HELL by Juliana Stone

Wicked Road to Hell
(League of Guardians #1)
by Juliana Stone

Wicked Road to Hell by Juliana Stone
Release date: April 24, 2012
Publisher: Avon
Length: 384 pages


Rating: 4♥s Very Good/Recommended
Sensuality: Hot
Cover rating: 4♥s
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Vampire, Sorcerer

Declan O'Hara has been to hell and back.


Declan, a powerful sorcerer, spent six months as a sex slave in one of the lower levels of Hell. He was rescued by an inscrutable Seraphim whom he now serves as a Seraph. His latest assignment involves finding someone and turning him over to the Seraphim. A typical job.

Except when that someone is being guarded by a vampire he thought was dead for two years.

And who is the woman he's loved for years.

Ana Delacrux was rescued from death by the same Seraphim who rescued Declan. She also now serves him as a Seraph. She was given orders to guard teen-aged Kaden, one of seven young sorcerers bearing a special mark, from the Seraphim. When they discover that darker forces are after Kaden, Declan and Ana work together to keep him safe. When they then discover that two more of the seven are being held in Hell, Declan must return there to retrieve them. And this time there's no guarantee he'll be coming back.

Even if he survives Hell, will he survive his love for Ana? Ana craves Delcan, but according to vampire law bonding with him would mean his death.

He's damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't …
Readers of Juliana Stone's Jaguar Warriors series will recognize Declan and Ana from that series. The League of Guardians series is a spin-off that can be read on its own or as a continuation, although League of Guardians would probably make more sense if read as a continuation. It might help to keep the world-building straight, as it is extensive and at times a bit confusing.

Ana has always been a kick-butt character, but in Wicked Road to Hell she gains a vulnerability that makes her more appealing and sympathetic. Notice that I said "more." At times, she can come across as bitc--nasty. Declan makes a sexy, cocky, powerful, alpha hero. His love for Ana is heartbreaking. Her forbidden love for him seems impossible to surmount.

The plot speeds along. There's plenty of danger to keep things moving, and enigmatic characters to keep you guessing. Cale and Samael are particularly intriguing. I won't say much about them, as some of their secrets aren't revealed until about forty percent into the book. I look forward to their stories.

Wicked Road to Hell is a dark, sexy paranormal romance that is a tempting start to a promising series.

Next up is Azaiel's story, King of the Damned.

Happy Reading!

eBook 0.5
Wrong Side of Hell
Book 1
Wicked Road to Hell
eBook 1.5
To Hell and Back
Oct. 30, 2012
Book 2
King of the Damned
Nov. 27, 2012
Book 3
Awaken the Damned
March 2013


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Giveaway of WICKED NIGHTS and June Releases

Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter
and June Releases
Winner Announced!
Emilia from Philadelpha
is our lucky winner!

Wicked Nights (Angels of the Dark #1)
by Gena Showalter
Wicked Nights
(Angels of the Dark #1)
by Gena Showalter

Leader of the most powerful army in the heavens, Zacharel has been deemed nearly too dangerous, too ruthless—and if he isn't careful, he'll lose his wings. But this warrior with a heart of ice will not be deterred from his missions at any cost…until a vulnerable human tempts him with a carnal pleasure he's never known before.

Accused of a crime she did not commit, Annabelle Miller has spent four years in an institution for the criminally insane. Demons track her every move, and their king will stop at nothing to have her. Zacharel is her only hope for survival, but is the brutal angel with a touch as hot as hell her salvation—or her ultimate damnation?

Also included in this Giveaway:
Chaos Burning
(Bound by Magick #2)
by Lauren Dane
Visions of Chains
(The Awakening #3)
by Regan Hastings
Messenger's Angel
(The Lost Angels #2)
by Heather Killough-

Prize (one prize for one winner): One paperback copy of:

  1. Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter
  2. Chaos Burning by Lauren Dane
  3. Visions of Chains by Regan Hastings
  4. Messenger's Angel by Heather Killough-Walden

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Review of MESSENGER'S ANGEL by Heather Killough-Walden

Messenger's Angel
(The Lost Angels, #2)
by Heather Killough-Walden

Messenger's Angel by Heather Killough-Walden
Release Date: June 5, 2012
Publisher: Signet
Length: 416 pages


Rating: 4.0♥s Very good/Recommended
Sensuality: Hot
Cover rating: 4.0♥s
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Angel

He Searched For Two Thousand Years

Since the beginning of time, the archangels have longed to know true love. 
When four female angels were created for the four archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Azrael, a chaos spurred by jealousy erupted, and the archesses were secreted away to Earth. The four favored archangels followed, prompting a search that has lasted millennia…

Gabriel, the Messenger Archangel, has searched for his archess for two thousand years. For many of the past hundreds of years he has passed himself off as a Scottish villager.

Juliette Anderson has always been fascinated by history, and she is working on her PhD in anthropology. When she is hired to do some research in Scotland, where her family has roots, she jumps at the chance. She does this even though she is at a confusing point in her life. She has discovered that she has the power to heal.

Soon after Juliette arrives in Scotland, her gaze meets Gabriel's across a crowded pub. Gabriel instantly recognizes her as his archess, and claims her with a scorching kiss. Passion flares between them. But Juliette doesn't trust Gabriel, even after she learns the truth of who and what she really is. And why she has been drawn to history her entire life.

The four favored archangels aren't the only archangels who came to earth. There are other who are dark and powerful. They are also after the archesses, for their abilities. Juliette soon finds herself in mortal danger. Can she trust Gabriel and learn to use her new-found powers to defeat the dark forces that pursue them?
♥ ♥ ♥ 
Good God, she thought, as she stared up at the curve of his chin, the broad plane of his shoulders, and the vast expanse of muscle across his chest and midsection. I'm in bed with an archangel.
That's Gabriel for you. An archangel who's sexy as sin.

Gabriel is tall, dark, and angel-handsome. He's got a Scottish brogue that curls Juliette's toes (though which can get a wee bit tiresome for us lasses), and he can be romantic. And did I mention that he's powerful? He is an archangel, after all.

Juliette is, in the words of her best friend, "empathic, understanding, and giving." She's the type of person who will give her last change to a homeless person. When she finds out she has extraordinary powers, therefore, she puts her life on the line to use them when needed. She doesn't always obey Gabriel's orders to stay out of harm's way. And it's a good thing she doesn't.

Messenger's Angel is suspenseful and fast-paced. There are a number of powerful, dangerous players after both Juliette and Gabriel. Those who have read Avenger's Angel will be interested to know that Samael is back and up to his usual enigmatic tricks. You never know with that guy…

Also for fans of the series, we catch up with Uriel (aka the famous actor Christoper Daniels) and Ellie. One of my favorites quotes from the book is a nod to its typical reader. Heather Killough-Walden knows her audience.
[Ellie] was reading something on her electronic reader. She was fond of vampire romance stories written in a much darker tune than [Christopher's vampire movie]. Lots of erotica.  
Although Messenger's Angel can be read as a standalone novel, you'll enjoy it much more if you read Avenger's Angel first. The next book in the series is Death's Angel, coming out January 2013. The Archangel of Death is Azrael, and he's also a vampire. I'm looking forward to his story!

Happy reading!

Avenger's Angel
(The Lost Angels, #1)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review of SOUL BOUND by Anne Hope

Soul Bound
Dark Souls #1
by Anne Hope

Release date: June 5, 2012
Publisher: Samhain Publisher, Ltd.
Length: 338 pages

Amazon US Kindle

Rating: 4.5♥s Excellent/Highly Recommended
Sensuality: Hot
Cover: 4.5♥s
Genre: Paranormal Romance

A Deadly Destiny

Jace Cutler died.

Lia Benson knows he did. She's the doctor who frantically worked to save him even as she was overcome by heat and dizziness. She's the doctor who called his time of death. She's the doctor who witnessed him miraculously come back to life.

She's the doctor who received his soul and his memories.

Jace awakens in the hospital without any memories of who he is or of his past. And, he discovers, without a soul. He also discovers that he sees glowing auras around everyone, a glow that he hungers for. The brightest aura belongs to Lia.

Lia has memory-like dreams of the childhood of a boy who she is convinced is Jace. And when she is near him, something deep inside her responds to him. They are drawn to each other, even though they are wrong for each other on many levels.

Attempts are made on Jace's life by one group, another group tries to recruit him to its cause, and Lia is kidnapped by the recruiters to gain his cooperation. When he finds Lia, he learns who and what he really is. And he learns his destiny. A destiny that could save humanity. And be the death of Lia.


Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.

Soul Bound is an intriguing and unique story about half-human/half soul-eating Hybrids who die and are reborn without souls. Some Hybrids control their soul-eating, and some don't. There are Watchers, Ancients, purebloods, rogues, and more. The backstory also includes Nephilim and Grigori, but I won't tell you more than that. There are some spoilers that I won't divulge. The world building is complicated. Lia is confused at times and isn't sure who is good and bad, and I felt the same way. Make sure you hang on until the end, however. You'll be glad you did.

Jace had a difficult childhood due to the fact that he was only half human and had a negative effect on people. He ended up acting out and becoming a very bad boy. After he's reborn he discovers some of his past and hates the person he'd been and the person he's become. What he doesn't realize is that he's got an honorable streak as wide as the Mississippi. Lia sees that he's a hero. She pushes him to see that in himself.

Lia is a rational, scientific person, but is forced to open her mind to concepts that can't be explained by science. She's a healer and nurturer, but becomes a warrior when lives are at stake. She faces her fear head-on.

The love story between Lia and Jace is poignant. A subplot involving Lia's sister makes it especially difficult. A prophesy concerning Jace could mean the death of Lia. Be sure to keep a Kleenex handy.

Anne Hope's imagery sings like a choir, harmonizing individual voices to create a hymn. She arouses emotions and atmosphere through music, weather, nature, buildings, and evocative phrasing.
The day was bright and balmy, with a thin ribbon of mist unraveling to carpet the ground. Trees shivered, scraping a too-blue-to-be-true sky, which struck Lia as odd. How could sunlight and fog coexist so seamlessly, as if they'd reached an agreement not to invade each other's turf?...Lia approached Jace and Regan, who turned in concentric circles, on guard, each waiting patiently for the other to launch an attack....
Soul Bound is a strong start to the Dark Souls series. Hope confirmed with me that book two, Soul Deep, will be Regan and Marcus's story. Regan and Marcus played large roles in Soul BoundSoul Deep is tentatively slated to be released in March 2013. She sent this preview:
For nearly two centuries, Marcus has been a dedicated Watcher. Rarely has he questioned his mission, let alone defied his leader. Sworn to protect humanity—bound by honor , duty and a strict vow of celibacy—his commitment to the Watchers has never faltered. 
His partner, Regan, is the exact opposite. Impulsive and reckless to a fault, she often acts first and thinks later. Regan's smart mouth and tender heart have fascinated Marcus for decades, but he's been pretty successful at ignoring the sizzling attraction between them...until now. 
When Regan goes rogue to protect a very special little boy whose soul is capable of great destruction, Marcus is forced to make an impossible choice—commit an act of treason or watch the woman he secretly loves die.
In an interview at The Romance Studio, Hope said that there will be a total of four books and a novella in the series. The novella is a prequel, and is about Marcus's son, Adrian. Book three will continue Adrian's story. Book four will star Cal, the leader of the Watchers who features prominently in all four books. Once you find out Cal's secret in Soul Bound, you won't be able to wait for his book!

Happy reading!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Review of VISIONS OF CHAINS by Regan Hastings

Visions of Chains
(The Awakening, #3)
by Regan Hastings

Visions of Chains by Regan Hastins
Release Date: June 5, 2012 US, 02 August 2012 Int'l
Publisher: Signet
Length: 384 pages


Rating: 4.0♥s Very Good/Recommended
Sensuality: Hot
Cover: 4.5♥s
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Witch

One of the Most Powerful Witches in the World

Eight hundred years ago, the original great coven of  seven witches attempted to gain power with a Black Silver Artifact. Instead, they opened a gateway to Hell. In atonement, the witches each hid a part of the Artifact and their power was bound. Now the time of the Awakening is upon the reincarnated witches, and it's within their power to withstand the dark call of the Artifact. Each witch has an immortal Eternal, their destined mate, who will serve as her protector and complete her powers. Together the witches and their Eternals must find the hidden pieces of the Artifact and reassemble them to undo what they did centuries ago.

Witches the world over came out of the closet ten years ago. Since then they have been hunted, tortured, and burned. There are groups fighting for witches' rights, however. Deidre Sterling, the daughter of the president of the United States, belongs to such a group. When she escapes the Secret Service to go on a raid to free witches, she finds herself kidnapped by a pro-witch terrorist group. While under fire during a raid, she discovers that she has powers and that she herself is a witch. She is one of the reincarnated witches of the original coven, and she is being held by Finn, her Eternal. Although desire flames between them, neither of them wants to complete the Mating that will bring them fully into their powers. Yet the fate of the world depends on their finding her piece of the Artifact, and time is running out. Along the way, they face a betrayal that threatens everything they believe to be true.


Finn is a good example of an alpha hero who is damaged and hurting inside from a past with Deidre that she can't even remember. He doesn't want to be hurt again, which makes him sympathetically vulnerable. He's in no way weak, however. He's big, strong, sexy, capable, commanding, honorable, protective--what more could you ask for?

Deidre might look like a Barbie doll, but she's a fighter. Fighting for witches' rights leads her to be kidnapped. Fighting back in a firefight leads to the awakening of her powers. Fighting with Finn leads to both problems and solutions. All her fighting is motivated by compassion, however. She's never simply--excuse the language--bitchy.

The plot is faced-paced and many-faceted. There are story lines involving the developing romance between Finn and Deidre, the significance of Deidre's disappearance to the president, the rescue of witches, and a number of betrayals. There is a subplot involving a missing Eternal that sounds like the set-up to a future book.

Visions of Chains can be read as a standalone book, but you'll enjoy it more if you read the two previous books in the series. They're listed below. By the way, Regan Hastings is the pen name of the prolific author Maureen Child.

Happy Reading!

Visions of Magic
The Awakening #1
Visions of Skyfire
The Awakening #2


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Review of CHAOS BURNING by Lauren Dane

Chaos Burning
Bound by Magick #2
by Lauren Dane

Chaos Burning by Lauren Dane
Release Date: June 5, 2012
Publisher: Berkley
Length: 320 pages


Rating: 4.5♥s Excellent/Highly Recommended
Sensuality: Hot
Cover Rating: 4.0♥s
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Witch

An Escalating Threat

Lark Jaansen is a hunter witch from Clan Gennessee in Los Angeles. She's come north to Seattle to help her friends in Clan Owen, whose Hunter Corps. leader is on maternity leave. Witches are being kidnapped and killed for their magick by mages and turned witches, and they must be stopped. In Seattle, Lark meets Simon Leviathan, a warrior and Lycian werewolf prince from the other side of the Veil who now is part-owner of the nightclub Heart of Darkness. Lark and Simon become good friends until desire clicks in and they become lovers.

The violence against witches escalates, and Others are also taken. Lark discovers that those kidnapped are turned over to an ancient entity that could decimate society if it is freed. Lark and Simon must work together to literally save the world. But even if they win, will they survive?


Lark is smart-mouthed and funny, and has "'a hard time telling the difference between blunt and rude.'" She has blue and pink hair that she probably cuts herself.  "Maybe not even in front of a mirror."  She shops for her colorful clothes at garage sales and thrift stores. And, she's a kick-butt heroine.  She's not only got a lot of magickal power, but she's an expert at weapons and martial arts. Simon thinks of her as "his ass-kicking little witch."

Lark on Simon:
"Honor. Decency. Strength. Integrity. All in a very hot, hard, muscled package in tiny shorts. She was in big trouble."
Simon is GQ cover-worthy and gorgeous, even when he first wakes up. 
"Are those Gucci cargo pants?" [Lark]   
"No." They were Dolce & Gabbana, but she didn't need to know that. [Simon] 
But don't let the outside fool you. As a 600 year-old Lycian prince, Simon is also a warrior. He knows how to fight, and he knows how to track. He's an alpha all the way, and protects what's his. And Lark is his. He's bossy with her, and yet he also takes gentle care of her.

I fell in love with Simon and Lark within the first few pages of the book. The dry humor of their interplay kept me smiling. The development of their relationship was unusual for a romance novel. Lauren Dane first established a cigar-smoking, card-playing friendship between the two before something fell into place and they became lovers. And more. (I don't think it's a spoiler to say that. It is a romance, after all.) I rated this book 4.5♥s on the strength of their quirky relationship.

The world-threatening danger that Lark and Simon face in Chaos Burning is an escalation of the events in Heart of Darkness. We see favorite characters from that book, including Meriel and Dominic (Simon's business partner), Edwina, Nell and William, and Gage. Some of those characters face mortal danger.

Although Chaos Burning can be read as a standalone book, you'll enjoy it more if you read Heart of Darkness (Bound by Magick #1) first. Fans will be happy to know that Gage's story is next. It's called Going Under (Bound by Magick #3), and it's coming out February 5, 2013.

Happy Reading!

Heart of Darkness
Bound by Magick #1
Lauren Dane

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review of SEDUCED BY BLOOD by Laurie London

Seduced by Blood
(Sweetblood #4)
by Laurie London

Release Date: July 24, 2012 (Paperback), August 1, 2012 (Kindle, NOOK)
Publisher: Harlequin HQN
Length: 384 pages


Genre: Paranormal Romance/Vampire
4.0♥s Very Good/Recommended
Sensuality: Hot
Cover rating: 4.5♥s

Faux Lovers, Real Danger

In the Sweetblood world of vampires, Guardians are vampire warriors. They are sworn to protect humanity from Darkbloods. Darkbloods kill humans for blood and deal in "Sweet," which is a rare type of blood that comes from Sweetblood humans. It's very addictive and sold on the vampire black market.

Tristan Santiago is the Northwest region commander of the Guardians. He is commanding, demanding, and has anger management issues. Roxy Reynolds was the Guardians' best tracker. She can also sense when people are being deceitful. But she's now retired as a Guardian and these days she teaches other trackers. She is on temporary assignment to the Northwest region when a raid goes bad and Guardians are seriously injured. Santiago suspects that a traitor in the Seattle field office has passed along information to the Darkbloods. In order to catch the traitor, Santiago decides that he and Roxy will pose as lovers at the field office and she will ferret out the person responsible. After some anger management of her own, Roxy reluctantly agrees.

Posing as lovers quickly leads the couple to fall for each other, but they both have relationship issues from their pasts that get in the way. Danger, new and old, catches up to them. Soon they are fighting for each other's lives. And an ultimate trial of their relationship could tear them apart.


Right out of the gate, Roxy is introduced as a kick-butt heroine with a compassionate side. And she doesn't take guff from anyone, especially tall, strong, sexy Santiago. This confounds Santiago. When he says "Jump," his people say "Off what bridge?" But not Roxy. She refuses to take orders from him. Instead, he has to use interpersonal skills with her. That's a new concept for him.

Santiago is introduced as a hot-head who can barely keep it together after his men are attacked. Then along comes Roxy, who knows exactly how to get under his skin. He just about goes ballistic. He fights against her ways, but Roxy is actually his personal feng shui. She calms him like no one else ever has. Once he lets her in, he starts to fall for her. Unfortunately, he believes his father's poison that he isn't meant to be faithful in a relationship.

The plot includes a kidnapped Sweetblood girl and her sister, the mysterious information leak at the field office, and the century-old murder of Roxy's fiancé. A favorite character from previous books is in critical condition from the botched raid. Life-threatening danger will keep you turning the pages. Santiago faces Roxy's final test of their relationship. Will he fail?

I don't think it's a spoiler to say that I loved the last line of the book. You'll just have to read the whole book to see if you agree.

See my review of the previous book, Tempted by Bloodhere. The rest of the books in the Sweetblood series are listed below in reading order. Laurie London says that there will be more Sweetblood books. We can all look forward to reading about more strong, sexy Guardians!

Happy reading,

ARC provided by NetGalley for a fair review.

Bonded by Blood
Sweetblood #1
Hidden by Blood
Sweetblood #1.5
Embraced by Blood
Sweetblood #2
A Vampire for Christmas
Sweetblood #2.5
Short Story
Tempted by Blood
Sweetblood #3
Seduced by Blood
Sweetblood $3
Laurie London
Laurie London

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Review of Shadow Rising by Kendra Leigh Castle

Shadow Rising
(Dark Dynasties #3)
by Kendra Leigh Castle

Shadow Rising by Kendra Leigh Castle
Release Date: US July 31, 2012 / Int'l Sept. 6, 2012
Length: 368 pages
Publisher: Forever


Genre: Paranormal Romance / Vampire
4.5♥s Excellent/Highly Recommended
Cover Rating: 4.5♥s Excellent
Sensuality: Hot

[Ariane] would need all of [her nerve] and more if she really wanted to find her friend. Not to mention evading her own capture. The Grigori did not take kindly to deserters.
Ariane is a Grigori, a member of an ancient race of secretive vampires of which little is known by the other vampire dynasties. The Grigori are watchers of the world, never interfering. Ariane has spent her life secluded in the desert in the American southwest. Then her only friend, Sammael, goes missing. Ariane escapes her gilded cage in search of him.

Damien Tremaine is a vampire cat-shifter with the House of Shadows. He's a Shade--an assassin and a thief. He's been given the task of tracking down Sammael for the Grigori, and reporting to them if he also finds Ariane. He does find Ariane as they're both following the same lead, and opposites attract. He discovers he can't turn in Ariane. Instead, they end up working together. And doing more than just working. But their investigation leads them down a path that could destroy their growing attraction. And it leads them to the ultimate secret that the Grigori have been hiding.


" Why do you keep calling me [kitten]? I'm not your kitten. I'm not a pet or a small, fuzzy animal!"… 
"It seems to fit," he said. "Beautiful. Touchable. Very sharp claws."
Ariane is a soft-spoken, naïve, innocent heroine. But don't let that first impression fool you. She's also strapped with daggers and a sword and knows how to use them. She's fully trained as a Grigori warrior, and it comes in handy.

Damien Tremaine was the debauched "spare" in the "heir and a spare" when he was mortal. He hasn't changed much over the ensuing hundreds of years. He's smart-mouthed, and he's got some good lines.
He was charming, damn it! She was supposed to notice! 

 He's a thief and assassin who only lives for the next job. He's capable of lust, but he thinks he's incapable of love. However, Ariane sees that he's also got a very vulnerable, honorable side underneath that flip attitude of his. She brings it out in him. That's the beauty of their relationship. You'll find yourself rooting for them, and maybe even crying at their darkest hour when all seems lost. I know I needed a Kleenex.

Their growing relationship will keep you turning the pages, but so will the mystery of Sammael. Why did he disappear? He holds a number of answers to secrets that threaten Ariane's world. Some of the answers may surprise you.

The previous books in the Dark Dynasties series are listed below. There is an excerpt from the next book, Immortal Craving, at the end of Shadow Rising.

Happy Reading!

ARC Provided by NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

Dark Awakening
Dark Dynasties #1
Midnight Reckoning
Dark Dynasties #2