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Review of WICKED ROAD TO HELL by Juliana Stone

Wicked Road to Hell
(League of Guardians #1)
by Juliana Stone

Wicked Road to Hell by Juliana Stone
Release date: April 24, 2012
Publisher: Avon
Length: 384 pages


Rating: 4♥s Very Good/Recommended
Sensuality: Hot
Cover rating: 4♥s
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Vampire, Sorcerer

Declan O'Hara has been to hell and back.


Declan, a powerful sorcerer, spent six months as a sex slave in one of the lower levels of Hell. He was rescued by an inscrutable Seraphim whom he now serves as a Seraph. His latest assignment involves finding someone and turning him over to the Seraphim. A typical job.

Except when that someone is being guarded by a vampire he thought was dead for two years.

And who is the woman he's loved for years.

Ana Delacrux was rescued from death by the same Seraphim who rescued Declan. She also now serves him as a Seraph. She was given orders to guard teen-aged Kaden, one of seven young sorcerers bearing a special mark, from the Seraphim. When they discover that darker forces are after Kaden, Declan and Ana work together to keep him safe. When they then discover that two more of the seven are being held in Hell, Declan must return there to retrieve them. And this time there's no guarantee he'll be coming back.

Even if he survives Hell, will he survive his love for Ana? Ana craves Delcan, but according to vampire law bonding with him would mean his death.

He's damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't …
Readers of Juliana Stone's Jaguar Warriors series will recognize Declan and Ana from that series. The League of Guardians series is a spin-off that can be read on its own or as a continuation, although League of Guardians would probably make more sense if read as a continuation. It might help to keep the world-building straight, as it is extensive and at times a bit confusing.

Ana has always been a kick-butt character, but in Wicked Road to Hell she gains a vulnerability that makes her more appealing and sympathetic. Notice that I said "more." At times, she can come across as bitc--nasty. Declan makes a sexy, cocky, powerful, alpha hero. His love for Ana is heartbreaking. Her forbidden love for him seems impossible to surmount.

The plot speeds along. There's plenty of danger to keep things moving, and enigmatic characters to keep you guessing. Cale and Samael are particularly intriguing. I won't say much about them, as some of their secrets aren't revealed until about forty percent into the book. I look forward to their stories.

Wicked Road to Hell is a dark, sexy paranormal romance that is a tempting start to a promising series.

Next up is Azaiel's story, King of the Damned.

Happy Reading!

eBook 0.5
Wrong Side of Hell
Book 1
Wicked Road to Hell
eBook 1.5
To Hell and Back
Oct. 30, 2012
Book 2
King of the Damned
Nov. 27, 2012
Book 3
Awaken the Damned
March 2013


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