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Review of ETERNAL BEAST by Laura Wright

Eternal Beast by Laura Wright
Eternal Beast
(Mark of the Vampire, #4)
by Laura Wright

Publication Date: August 7, 2012
Publisher: Signet
Length: 384 pages

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Rating: 4.0♥s Very Good/Recommended
Sensuality: Hot
Cover: 4.0♥s
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Vampire, Shapeshifter


Gray Donohue is on a mission, and nothing will stop him.

Even love.

Gray is an Impure, a half human, half vampire. In Eternal Blood (Mark of the Vampire, #2.5) he discovered that the Order is blood castrating Impures so they can't reproduce. The Order is made up of ten ancient vampires who rule over Purebloods and Impures. Gray's mission, and his team's, is to bring down the Order, stop the blood castrations, and gain rights for the Impures.

Dillon is a mutore, a Pureblood vampire and shape-shifter. A beast. Because of a recent trauma, she is unable to transform out of her jaguar form. Except when Gray touches her. But she doesn't want to want Gray--or need him. And so she runs. And runs. From Gray and his cause. But she's in mortal danger, because the Order doesn't want to simply castrate the mutore of the world, it wants to eliminate them.

Destiny's a bee-otch, however, and she's decided that Gray and Dillon are true mates. But are they too diametrically opposed to find any common ground?


Although Eternal Beast seems to be named for Dillon, Gray Donohue is truly the lead of the story. He is a compelling hero who pursues his cause no matter what the cost to himself. That quality also has a negative side, however, because his cause and Dillon don't mix. But whoo-boy, let me tell you. Is he ever hot! And that quality mixes very well with Dillion!

Dillon is fighting her own demons, and doesn't want to share them with Gray. This results in tension and friction between the two. Can Dillon open up to Gray? Can Gray trust Dillon?

Eternal Beast is a dark tale about two stubborn lovers who are devoted to their own agendas. Compromise seems impossible. You'll be turning the pages to see how they could possibly work things out between them.

Although Eternal Beast can be read as a standalone book, I highly recommend that you read the series first, including Gray's eNovella Eternal Blood.  Eternal Beast will make much more sense and you'll enjoy reading about the recurring characters. 

Happy Reading!

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