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Review of WHERE THERE'S SMOKE by Karen Kelley

Where There's Smoke
(The Good Girl, #1)
by Karen Kelley

Where There's Smoke by Karen Kelley
Rating: 4.5♥s Excellent/Highly Recommended
Sensuality: Erotic
Cover: 4.0♥s
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Demons & Angels

Publication Date: May 1, 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Length: Novel
Audience: 18+ Adult

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From the publisher:

The Devil Went Down to Texas...
Sexy wannabe demon Destiny Carter has pissed off the people downstairs and has been kicked out of hell.
Now she's in Ft. Worth, Texas with one week to corrupt a soul. Or else.

Lookin' For Just One Soul to Steal...
When smokin' hot Destiny strolls into the Stompin' Ground bar in a slinky red dress, she has a feeling her assignment might not be so bad. The cowboy at the bar looks pretty darn delicious and oh–so–corruptible.
But Chance Bellew is no ordinary cowboy, and Destiny gets way more than she bargained for when she rubs up against the sexy dark angel perched on a barstool like sin just waiting to happen...


Destiny Carter works at the sorting station between Heaven and Hell. She wants to become a full-fledged demon because she's been promised she'll have everything she's ever dreamed of. She's been sent back to earth and has one week to collect a soul so she can become a demon, or she'll be damned to the fires of Hell for eternity.

Chance Bellew, a half-angel, half-mortal nephilim, has one week and one day to convince Destiny to give up her soul for his side. His plan is to make Destiny want him so much that she'll do anything to give up her soul.  Destiny's plan is to ... make Chance want her so much that he'll do anything to give up his soul. Their contest of seduction is scorching.

Where There's Smoke is filled with characters you'll love. Chance is hot as, well, Hell. And he'll make you melt in more ways than one. He's determined to show Destiny that life can be good. He treats her to a special day that will touch your heart.

Destiny had a disadvantaged life, which turned her into a "bad" girl when she was alive. Now that she is dead, she is not allowed to get involved with mortals topside. But mortals get involved with her and she can't resist them. She learns what it's like to have friends. Even worse, she learns what it's like to love.

Destiny is desperate to spend what she believes will be a wonderful eternity as a demon with Chance. But Chance knows the reality. If he succumbs to her, they will both burn in Hell. If he convinces her to give her soul to Heaven, he will have to give her up and she will be reborn.

Do they have any chance of fulfilling a destiny together?

Enjoy Where There's Smoke!

The Good Girl Series:

Book 1
Where There's Smoke
Book 2
Where There's a Will

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