Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sierra Nevada Research Trip

Photos from my research trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains

I'm writing a wolf-shifter romance series set in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. This past weekend my daughter and I took a research trip to the Placerville-Pollock Pines area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains east of Sacramento.

I learned invaluable lessons regarding the terrain, weather, flora, and fauna of the area. My experiences will shape the settings, sights, sounds, and scents you'll read about in my books. My hope is that my trip will bring the book to vibrant life for you!

I took the following photos unless otherwise noted.

Trailhead, Cedar Park Trail, Eldorado National Forest
We hiked the Cedar Park Trail of the Eldorado National Forest.
It's located at 5561 Sly Park Road, Pollock Pines, CA.
Photo by Lauren Messegee
Cedar Park Trail, Eldorado National Forest
My daughter, Lauren, walking the trail.
The area has hot, dry summers and snow in the winter.
The plant community is lower montane forest. We saw sugar pines,
California black oaks, manzanita, and much more.
View from Cedar Park Trail, Eldorado National Forest
The view east toward Pyramid Peak from a lookout platform on the trail.
Conjoined tree trunks, Cedar Park Trail, Eldorado National Forest
Three conjoined pine trunks (right). These massive trunks will have a role in Book 1.
View from Pollock Pines, Ca 
The view east toward the Crystal Range from Pollock Pines.
Gold Bug Mine, Placerville, CA
The Gold Bug Mine, Placerville, CA.
Veins of gold-bearing quartz were mined, and then the gold was "stamped" out of the quartz.
An abandoned gold mine will play a prominent part in the plot of Book 1.
Keep your eye on this blog for the release date of Book 1!

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  1. Gold mines and massive conjoined pine trees. (Very cool!) I'm hooked! Can't wait to see how you work them into your story!