Monday, July 15, 2013

5♥s for FIFTH GRAVE PAST THE LIGHT by Darynda Jones: Hilarious!

Fifth Grave Past the Light
(Charley Davidson, #5)
by Darynda Jones
Fifth Grave Past the Light by Darynda Jones (cover)
Rating: 5♥s Outstanding/Don't Miss It
Cover rating: 3♥s
Sensuality: Hot
Audience: Adult
Length: Novel
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: July 9, 2013

My recap:

P.I. Charley Davidson takes on a case involving a philandering husband who is possibly dangerous. Her hunky man, Reyes Farrow—the Son of Satan—is her main suspect in a major arson case. Charley's apartment is filling up with the ghosts of terrified blonde women covered in dirt and oil. And her father's bar is mysteriously filling up with women.

It's all in a day in the life of of the Grim Reaper.

My thoughts:

Charley is as likable as ever. She's hilarious, and I couldn't stop laughing at times.
I turned to have my morning meeting of the minds with Mr. Coffee. We talked every morning about lots of different things. He mostly gurgled and let off steam …
But what makes her a truly special character is that she's also emotionally vulnerable. Her big heart and her big mouth are two sides of the same coin. And although she's a kick-ass heroine, she gets her ass kicked in every book.

Reyes is as sexy as ever.
  … Reyes Alexander Farrow … pulled me into his arms.
And what beautiful arms they were. Forearms corded with sinew and tendon. Biceps sculpted with the hills and valleys of well-defined muscle. Shoulders wide and powerful …
My gaze traveled up until I was looking into the face of an angel. Or a fallen angel. Or, well, a fallen angel's son. 
If you're a fan of Reyes's—and who isn't?—you'll love this book. He appears often, and we see a side of him that we've never seen before.

The three main mysteries of the book keep it moving along at a fast clip. But just as important is the story of Charley and Reyes. That story will keep you reading long into the night.

Although one series story arc is resolved, another begins and is left open. The ending is a shocking cliffhanger. But don't let that deter you from reading the book. You won't be disappointed.

If you haven't read the Charley Davidson series, I highly recommend that you start from the beginning with First Grave on the Right. The reading order is listed below. The whole series is one of the best I've ever read.


The Charley Davidson Series:

Book 1
First Grave
On the Right
, 4.5♥s
Story 1.5
For I Have Sinned
Book 2
Second Grave
On the Left, 4.5♥s

Book 3
Third Grave Dead Ahead
Book 4
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
Book 5
Fifth Grave
Past the Light

Book 6
Sixth Grave
On the Edge

Coming 2014

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