Saturday, September 21, 2013

THE PROTECTORS by Teresa Gabelman

The Protectors 

by Teresa Gabelman


The Protectors series is a fresh take on the popular vampire-warriors genre

Damon by Teresa Gabelman
Book 1

Jared by Teresa Gabelman
Book 2

Duncan by Teresa Gabelman
Book 3

Book 4
Coming Soon

Ready to fall in love with some hunky vampire warriors?

Teresa Gabelman brings us The Protectors. The heroes are elite Vampire Council Warriors who have taken an oath to protect both humans and vampires. In their world humans, vampires, and half-breeds live openly alongside each other. But not always peacefully. And there are plenty of enemies to go around.

Tough, intense Damon meets his match in social-worker Nicole. Devoted sister Tessa gets the drop on Jared. And Duncan searches for his love, Pam, who is on the run for her life. They're different heroes, but they're all big, alpha, and sexy. Likewise, all the heroines are unique, but they're all strong. No TSTL heroines here!

The books grab you from the first page and don't let you go. You'll find yourself reading during every spare minute and late into the night until you reach that last page. That's the strength of Teresa's writing.

Wise-cracking Sid's book is up next. It should be a fun one.

Enjoy getting to know The Protectors!


  1. OMG! PLEASE say that you are not finished with this series with book #4 Sid!!!! There is more!!! Please say there is more. I need to find out if the Doctor gets his head on straight and takes Jill for his, and of course Adam, he should get a blessing!!!! I felt so lonley for him at the end of this book, I NEED closure, and I need to laugh! There is still the blood drug situation going on...SO PLEASE SAY THIS SERIES IS NOT OVER!!!! PPPPPLLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE!!!! It is so well written that I thought it was all for real, like I really know these people...Warriors and their courter parts. I have never laughed so much reading before, I just love their bantering back and forth. Use a straw, now that was priceless!!!! I need to see these half-breeds become Warriors and prove to everyone that they belong too.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! No, I'm far from being done with the series. I am working on Adam's Novella as well as Slade's book. Sloan is also getting his own book. As long as you guys want more Warrior's I will continue with the series. You have seriously made my night and I thank you so much for your support. I hope to make you l laugh even more in upcoming books. Thank you again!!! Hugs!!!


  3. Well i for one deffo stay up till stupid oclock lol ! :D love these books thankyouuu ♡ can not look away your books are amazing n i also love these women arent being described as stick thin they have sexy curves and the warriors love it. Im lookin forward to slades book !!!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I'll let Teresa know how much you love the series!

  4. love the series got as fare as Sid num 5 hope there is a 6+ and we don't have to wait too long hehe