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Wild Wolf Rates 4.5♥s

Wild Wolf

(Shifters Unbound, #6)

by Jennifer Ashley


Wild Wolf by Jennifer Ashley
Rating: 4.5♥ Excellent / Highly Recommended
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Shifter
Length: Novel
Audience: Adult
Sensuality: Hot
Release Date: April 1, 2014

Jennifer Ashley's world of Shifters Unbound

In the Shifters Unbound series, Shifters have been "out" for twenty years. Humans have subjugated them and put them in Shiftertowns where they have few rights. They must wear collars that cause pain if they become violent. They are not allowed amenities—smartphones and cable TV—that humans take for granted. Their travel is restricted. Humans associating with shifters are not trusted. By either group.

A wild wolf

Graham McNeil is a wild wolf. He's loud, scarred, brash, and violent. He's also the alpha of his pack and co-leader of the Las Vegas Shiftertown. The only person who calms him and makes him feel alive is his sort-of girlfriend, Misty Granger.

A human.

That's a problem, because Graham needs to mate with a shifter for the good of his pack. He needs to have strong shifter cubs to continue the line. His pack insists on it.

A kidnapping

When Misty is kidnapped, there's more to it than there seems. Graham becomes ensnared by a powerful enemy. It's the beginning of a plan that would result in disaster for shifters and humans alike. Graham and Misty must not only save themselves, but—literally—the world.

Engaging characters

Graham bellows and stomps and fights, and we love him for it. And so does Misty. No, she's not a Masochist. She sees below the surface to the shifter with a painful past, the alpha who cares for his pack, and the protective boyfriend. She sees the infrequent smiles and sense of humor.

Misty is a strong heroine with a mind of her own. She's the only one who can stand up to Graham and get away with it.

Two characters who almost steal the show are Matt and Kyle, young cubs who are thrust upon Graham. They spend a lot of time in their energetic wolf forms. As humans, they eat a lot of pizza and ice cream. Although Graham adopts them, they adopt Misty. They provide a lot of comic relief, but they are much more than they seem.

A new, mysterious character, Ben, is introduced. It will be interesting to see how often we see him in future books. Familiar character Reid plays a large role.


Suspense keeps the book moving along. There are plenty of nasty surprises and mortal danger to go around.


The ending is fun and gratifying. The book's only problem is it leaves you wishing for more.

Enjoy Wild Wolf!


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