Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Enjoy TO LOVE A WOLF by Paige Tyler

To Love a Wolf

(SWAT, #4)

Paige Tyler


Rating: 4.5*s

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

Audience: Adult

Sensuality: Hot

Length: Novel 



A Strong Hero

To Love a Wolf is a worthy addition to Paige Tyler's SWAT series. It's a solid read about an ex-military SWAT team member. Landry Cooper is the kind of strong, noble, sexy, larger-than-life character who makes a good hero.
Landry worked with explosive devices in the Army until he was blown up by one. This was the traumatic event that triggered his becoming a werewolf. He recovered, and now works for the Dallas PD SWAT, which is made up entirely of werewolves.

The One
Landry saves Everly in a bank robbery, and they hit it off.  It turns out that she is The One for him. Everly doesn't know that Landry is a werewolf, but her four brothers and father find out that he is. They try to kill him. If they feel that way, then what will happen when Everly finds out what Landry is?

Plenty of Suspense
There's plenty of suspense, some chuckles, and even a few tears.

The clever ending mirrors the beginning, but kind of in reverse and topsy-turvy. 


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