Tuesday, May 3, 2016

WICKED BURN by Rebecca Zanetti is a Game-Changer

Wicked Burn

(Realm Enforcers, #3)

Rebecca Zanetti


Rating: 4.5*s

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

Audience: Adult

Sensuality: Hot

Length: Novel


A witch and a demon …
No spoilers--which is going to make this review very difficult to write. So much is revealed and there are so many surprises that the book is a game-changer for the series.

I can safely tell you that the story is about Simone Brightston, a witch on the Coven Nine council, and Nicholai (as it's spelled in the ARC) Veis, a demon. Nick is the chief strategist for the Demon Nation, second to Zane Kyllwood (MARKED).

With a past
Simone and Nick have a history as a couple, and we finally learn about it in the beginning of this book. We find out what happened between them and why.

 Framed for treason
Fast forward to the present day, and Simone is wanted by the Coven Nine Guard so they can take her in to stand trial for treason. She's been framed for being involved in the mining of planekite, which is used to manufacture the drug Apollo. It's fatal to witches, who are targeted.

Nick's job throughout the book is to keep Simone safe and to act as her defense at the trial. Simone, being a strong, confident witch, feels she can keep herself safe and defend herself. It's a constant source of friction between them. All the while, Nick is busy reclaiming Simone as his own.

 Surprises and revelations
And now we come to all the surprises and revelations. The ones I can't tell you about. I'll just say that characters we know aren't who/what we think they are. Surprising new characters are introduced. Some characters will vow to die for each other, yet some alliances are shattered. The suspense never lets up.

And through it all there is a good dose of comic relief.

For fans of the series, we get to see favorite characters from the Realm Enforcers and Dark Protectors series.

To be continued …

 While there is an HEA to the love story (this is a romance, after all), the suspense plot is not resolved. It's carried over into the next book, WICKED KISS. KISS is Adam and Tori's story, and I can't wait! 

A bonus novella
After WICKED BURN, a novella is included about Cara and Talen, named TALEN.  Although I enjoyed reading about the Dark Protectors characters, I give TALEN just 3.5*s for its easy resolution.




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